Hello and welcome! I’m excited to set up this brand new author website and interact with my current and future readers! Haven’t read my stuff? Check out my profile at Inkitt to see my short and in-progress stories. What do I write? Fantasy! Sci-Fi! Juvenile! YA! Diverse characters! Take a look. You might find something you like.

You’ve probably already read my about me (if you haven’t, go check it out now! I’ll wait…) so I’ll start off with some things you might not know!

  • I have 4 cats and 2 chickens
  • I love to garden
  • My favorite author is Rick Riordan
  • I live in Canby, Oregon with my wife-to-be
  • I play a lot of video games, including Genshin Impact and Stardew Valley
  • My favorite colors are green, pink, and yellow
  • I love doing all kinds of arts and crafts
  • I collect Calico Critters

You ever sit down to write a few things about yourself but forget everything you’ve ever done in your life? I hope this gives you a good idea of what I’m about.

Feel free to tell me about yourself in the comments! I’d love to interact with you and answer any questions. Let’s chat.

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