Short Stories

Princess Celia has been locked in a tower for who knows how long. Bored with charismatic princes and suave dukes, when a girl shows up to save her, she finally gets the chance to have the adventure of her dreams.
Myrna needs one more ingredient to complete her potion, which she is sure is her ticket to getting into the illustrious Witch’s Academy. But even if she survives a trip into the dangerous Jaded Forest, she may come out with more than she bargained for.


Avery Engstrom’s debut novel. Young Jane has never known who her family is. After being found abandoned in a motel room at age 6, she was taken to a Children’s Home, where the other kids mock and tease her for her strange white hair. Now 13, she’s ready to leave the only home she knows to find out who she really is.
After a run-in with fairies and a dryad as a young child, Leaf swore never to enter the dangerous forest again. But when the protector of the forest is killed, Leaf may be the only one who can enter the world of the fairies and save not just the fay, but all of humanity.

Oliver and his best friend Morgan have explored the creek countless times. After they find a mysterious waterfall and enter an alternate reality, can they find their way home?